Hard to envision Titans trading for Cutler

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

We dip back in the mailbag as a way to start, and finish, a conversation on a popular topic among a lot of Titans fans.

AFC West ace Bill Williamson reports things between Jay Cutler and Denver are worse, not better after a Monday conference call. That leaves plenty of fans in Tennessee daydreaming about him playing for the team in the city where he attended Vanderbilt.

Chase in Nashville writes: Hey Paul, My football mind is so screwed up at this point, I'm not sure what I want. When VY came in, I was probably one of his biggest fans. To the point that still today I wouldn't be devastated if the Titans came out tomorrow and said he was the starter. I just get excited by the energy he brings to the game, turnovers and all. And then there's Kerry Collins. I like him too. What he did last year was nothing short of amazing. He is exactly the kind of leader and quarterback this team needs. At the same time that I am grateful we have him on the team, I can't feel completely satisfied because eventually (sooner than later) he's gonna run out of years. It's just the way it works. He's old. So I guess I kind of have a question. And I swear this is not a Nashville biased question, and I only ask because I know you won't give a Nashville biased answer. But do you think anyone in the Titans organization has brought up the thought of trading for Jay Cutler? I think there was some speculation that was who they wanted originally anyways. I'm not sure what their plans are, but if they were in fact moving on from VY and hopefully looking long-term for after KC, wouldn't this make sense at least to look in to? Granted I don't know what it would take to give up to get him and whether or not the rumors about unhappy he really is now in Denver are true, but it just seems like it would be a good match.

Daniel in Nashville writes: Wow. Love those anonymous blasts. I too am a lowly blogger (titansradio.com). On behalf of Titans fans I would like to know if the recent shenanigans in Denver are likely to have any repercussions in Nashville. Though Collins recently recieved a two year contract I have serious doubts that he will make it past this upcoming season. Also, even though Fisher is still toting the company line as far as Vince one day being the starter, Reinfeldt's actions indicate they aren't sold on Young. Having said this, I believe Titans Brass would jump on the opportunity to have Jay Cutler come back to the city where he played in college. Before the Titans took Young with the third overall pick, Cutler said he would love to play for the Titans. I know the odds are long and I'm making assumptions on what could occur in Denver but do you see this as a possibility?

I think Titans' faithful holding out hope for Cutler need to let go.

The whole key to the potential trade to Tampa Bay that set off the controversy in Denver was that new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels was going to get a quarterback he preferred, Matt Cassel, in the deal.

The Titans just re-signed Kerry Collins and have Vince Young, and those are not believed to be quarterbacks McDaniels covets, nor should they be. In bringing back Collins, the Titans committed to him as their guy this year. So, Tennessee doesn't have a quarterback to trade for Cutler, and the Titans don't like to deal high picks. Their high picks aren't likely good enough to get Denver a quarterback to replace Cutler, anyway.

Yes, Cutler has proven the best of the three first-round QBs from 2006. I think he's going to get better and may well be one of league's upper echelon signal-callers in time. (I know he was a Pro Bowler, that doesn't mean I put him on that small top tier yet.) But he's hardly a finished, polished product now and still has some maturing to do.

Even if the fractured relationship can't be repaired and Denver entertains offers, it's hard to envision Tennessee as a legitimate bidder, even if its long-term future at quarterback is uncertain.

I just don't believe the Titans have what it would take to get him.

The Titans had their chance at Cutler in 2006 and went another direction. Now, he's not going to be wearing powder blue anytime soon.

However, if the price comes down and the Broncos aren't determined to get Cutler's replacement out of a deal, it's a different story.