Details of Young's Pittsburgh week emerge

Last week I asked whether Jeff Fisher's benching of Vince Young during an ugly loss to Pittsburgh contradicted his longtime philosophy.

After reading Jim Wyatt's game story from the Titans' win over the Giants, we now know Fisher had more than sufficient cause for the move and didn't deserve the flak he took for the move.

In fact, I'd have had no problem if Fisher started Kerry Collins against the Steelers knowing what we know now.

This from Wyatt:

Sources familiar with the situation said Young missed or arrived late for at least two meetings leading up to the Pittsburgh game, including one Friday. While he was excused for one meeting, sources said Young's overall approach lacked the seriousness it needed.

That might explain why Coach Jeff Fisher didn't hesitate to pull Young and replace him with Kerry Collins in the fourth quarter when the Titans trailed the Steelers by only 13 points.

So while Young’s mistake-free role in the romp over the Giants was applause-worthy, the details of this revelation raise a lot of the same old questions about VY.

Vince Young once asked out of a season opener when things didn’t go well. He once missed a team flight to Philadelphia. He once decided he didn’t need to stay at a team hotel when the rules said he did.

Then he is late for or misses meetings getting ready for the complex Pittsburgh defense he hadn't faced before.

In his fifth season, shouldn’t he be well beyond the sort of decisions that allow his bosses to question his preparation?

That’s rhetorical. Of course he should. That he’s not should set off an alarm for everyone connected to the franchise or rooting for it, and a game-manager win in the following week doesn't absolve him.

Last year, Bud Adams called Jeff Fisher to tell him it was time to reinsert Young into the lineup.

Hey, Bud: We know you like to proclaim “VY is my guy” since it rhymes and all. Did you call Young last week to tell him to get to work like an NFL starting quarterback?