Garrard gets Del Rio's 'endorsement'

Jack Del Rio still has faith in the Jaguars.

What else is he going to say coming off back-to-back horrific losses as he’s supposed to get his team ready for a visit from Indianapolis?

“I really believe if we don't allow the negative vibe to permeate our group, if they'll continue to believe, continue to work, we'll get this thing turned around and have a lot of fun this year,” he said Monday according to Tania Ganguli.

And there was this uncomfortable exchange, which concluded with about as strong an endorsement as David Garrard can expect after terrible back-to-back games:

Question: “[Garrard] didn't play well last week. He didn't play last week and he didn't play well last year, so how long can you keep going down the same path without bringing in someone else to fix it? Is that like bad coaching? Bad something? To keep going to the same guy over and over. Keep talking about him not getting rid of the ball, keep talking about him missing receivers. Keep talking about him not doing the things that you need him to do.

Del Rio: Run that question by me again.

Question: Yeah, OK. You got it. How long can you keep going with David if he keeps playing like this?

Del Rio: As long as he's our best option.

It’s ugly in Jacksonville, with potential to get uglier in a hurry if the Colts play like they’ve played the last two weeks and the Jags do the same Sunday when they meet at EverBank Field.