Jeff Fisher about to join exclusive club

Sunday against Denver, Jeff Fisher will coach his 250th regular season game, all with the Oilers-Titans.

He joins a short, impressive list of coaches to experience such longevity.

NFL head coaches with 250 or more regular season games with one team, courtesy of the Titans:

“Of course it’s an honor to be mentioned,” Fisher said.

Fisher critics will look at his record and complain about his longevity.

But the fact is, the league he coaches is, unlike the eras of the others on the list, is designed for teams to play about .500 football over such a long stretch. I think Bud Adams' transformation from the meddling owner who fired Bum Phillips too soon into a guy with Pittsburgh-like patience has been admirable.

I’m on record as saying the organizational stability has given the franchise its best chance to win, though Fisher’s playoff record since 1999 definitely makes him a post-season underachiever.