Football Outsiders on Jonathan Wells, plenty of others

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

I'm a little late to find them, but the folks at Football Outsiders have a couple of cool lists that look at quarterback and running back performances over the last 13 years.

Get a crash course in the way they work the numbers here, then check out a couple of these.

I was never a Jonathan Wells fan, and the site's recent anniversary rankings say his 2002 season was the second-worst for a running back from 1995-2007.

You can mine through a bunch of stuff like that in these four articles:

  • Best and Worst Quarterback Games, 1995-2007

  • Best and Worst Quarterback Seasons and Career Totals, 1995-2007

  • Best and Worst Running Back Games, 1995-2007

  • Best Running Back Seasons and Career Totals, 1995-2007