Mailbag: Vince Young-free if you so desire

Rick Alba Jr in Houston writes: I believe Bob McNair should open up his pocket book and pay his staff more to be there earlier. They give us only four hours before kickoff to tailgate and party, unlike Washington where I was for the Week 2 game the game started at 4:15 and we were out in the parking lot BBG at 8 am. I guess what I’m trying to say is just open up earlier around 6 am it would ease the traffic so much easier and I can almost guarantee their wouldn’t be as bad as it has been in the past.

Paul Kuharsky: I’ll give you some volume on this by including you here.

If opening earlier solves even a bit of this, they should open earlier.

I do think they are in a bit of a tough spot. Any business wants to make its customers happy before considering other people who will come to the store but not make a purchase, so to speak.

Zack Hensley in Pensacola, Fla., writes: Just in case you're in need of some affirmation of your abilities as a professional sports writer today, I wanted to drop a line to let you know that your interview with Bill Polian is probably the best work of yours I have read to date. Particularly, your questions on specific players on the O-line, D-line, and LB corps really got to the heart of some things I have been curious about. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Paul Kuharsky: Nice of you to say, I appreciate it. I think, though, anyone who follows the Colts and gets 15 minutes with Polian is going to get stuff that Colts’ faithful find very interesting.

Michael Harley in Nashville, Tenn., writes: The mediocre performance of the Titans passing game is a constant topic of conversation around my parts. A reoccurring theory is that Mike Heimerdinger's offense is too complicated for the players the Titans have. As recently as the Steeler game, you hear comments from the coaches to the effect of "we opened up the playbook too much." Is Dinger's offensive scheme (passing) really so complicated that our players can't understand it or execute it very effectively? We just can't understand why we don't take advantage of the fact that teams are stacking the line in order to stop CJ, but we seem to be unable to take advantage of that with our passing game. What are your thoughts?

Paul Kuharsky: While he can campaign for and dream about pieces that fit what he wants to do, Dinger is obligated to tailor the offense to what he has during the season. Generally, he’s done a good job of that.

The passing game needs to be better against those fronts. But keep in mind the game we’re having this conversation after a 19-point win.

Jeremy Lambert in Winston-Salem, N.C., writes: Please tell me I'm not wrong to be completely petrified about the Colts' defense, particularly the pass defense. This is the second year for Larry Coyer, so I thought going into this season that this would be the best defense Peyton Manning ever had, that this year Manning wouldn't have to carry a team on his back and yet still get all of the blame himself when the team comes up short in the postseason. I realize it's only three games, and that there is a plenty of time to make adjustments. But over 300 yards in a game through the air? From Kyle Orton?!?! No disrespect to Kyle Orton but....

Paul Kuharsky: Indy’s defense has not been as good as I expected either. But the Colts have had some injuries and are still settling in. We need to see a little more before judging. And if they can hold a team to six points in five red zone trips on a “bad” defensive day, they could be just fine.

For those uninterested in any further discussion of Vince Young, your mailbag has concluded. Good day.

For those still interested in the discussion, please continue …

Edgar Hernandez in Austin, Texas, writes: I really, really loved your reporting when you did the video on punt returners. Please do more of that and less of "Hey, Bud: We know you like to proclaim ‘VY is my guy’ Since it rhymes and all. Did you call Vince Young last week to tell him to get to work like an NFL starting quarterback?" If you don't think VY works like a NFL starting QB you should be a man and ask Jeff Fisher if he agrees with you. Vince is being criticized for missing a meeting while taking Steve McNair's kids to a fathers’ breakfast and for being late to one other meeting. That's pathetic. Especially when you consider that the Steelers have been stellar on defense these first three games. As a fan of your reporting I just wanted to give you my opinion regardless of how bias I'm being. Hope you have a nice week.

Paul Kuharsky: My job is to do a mix of all kind of things, including the ones you mention.

I don’t generally waste public questions when I know that public answers will be, and that doesn’t mean I am not a man that means spin is a waste of time. And I don’t particularly want to do the work for the local TV sports reporters, who eat that stuff up.

Fisher’s not going to criticize his quarterback in public because he knows it would hurt the quarterback’s fragile confidence. Heck, he never criticized McNair who was at the complete opposite end of the toughness spectrum.

Don’t you think there might be behind-the-scenes conversations with key people on big issues that factor into, contribute to, or temper stances of people with roles like mine?

Also, we’re not including the meeting Young was excused for in this discussion. It’s been very difficult for Young apologists to grasp this. No one has written Young should have been at that meeting the morning of the breakfast for which he was excused. He was quite late returning from it. And then he missed a meeting later in the week. That’s two things, not one. Why are you so eager to dismiss them? Did you think he looked like a prepared quarterback against Pittsburgh?

Edgar Hernandez, Austin, Texas writes: Hey Paul, why didn't you ask Fisher if Vince was benched for missing/being late to a meeting after pressing him so hard about it today. You seemed very, very, very very concerned about it. You sounded so confident in stating your question as fact about him missing/being late to a meeting causing his benching. As a media member shouldn't you and Wyatt be reporting facts and not something that's ambiguous, like he was "late/missed" a meeting. Are you trying to create a controversy where Fisher has clearly stated there isn't one? As a fan of the Titans the ambiguous statements are really what bothers me. I know you're not a fan of VY, but everything you write about him has a negative undertone. It almost seems personal.

Paul Kuharsky: It’s not personal.

Young either lied or cannot connect the dots. You can choose. He was late for one meeting last week and missed another. (How is that ambigous?) Then, as a result, he got benched during a bad game.

He knew he’d been late and missed the meetings. He was told the team didn’t like his preparations. It’s not a hard connection to see that’s why he was benched. So when he said he didn’t know why he was benched, was he telling the truth?

Lawrence Embry from Fort Worth, Texas, writes: Hey, what's your deal with Vince Young? I get the feeling you give him negative press because you don't like the idea of black guys playing quarterback.

Paul Kuharsky: Nope, I write critical things about him because he’s not very good.

In the division I cover, Manning is spectacular, Matt Schaub is quite good, Young is flaky and inconsistent and David Garrard is on his way out. That’s just how they rate.