Fisher goes hypothetical for VY

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Just had a chance to review Jeff Fisher's breakfast session with the media in Dana Point, Calif., at the owners' meetings.

Inevitably, he was asked about Vince Young, and it was one of his answers I found most striking.

Having covered Fisher for a long time, I know two buzz words to steer clear of with him -- "surprise" and "hypothetical."

Ask him if he's surprised by something and you'll never get anywhere. Fisher prides himself on being prepared, and if you're prepared, you're never really surprised.

As for hypotheticals -- he often responds to a leading line of questioning he doesn't care to get involved with by saying he doesn't deal in hypotheticals.

So imagine my surprise when I read that Fisher used the word, without apparent prodding, in talking about Young.

Asked if Young was going to compete with Kerry Collins for the starting quarterback job, here's what Fisher had to say:

What's interesting about our business is you get to play the best players. So we are going to do that at every position. Kerry is returning as our starter. If, for some reason, Vince has a great camp and Kerry hits a wall, I'm talking about a hypothetical, but there is always that possibility. It's clear Kerry is returning as our starter and Vince is going to continue to do what he did last year and that's put himself in position to be the quarterback we drafted him to be.

I answered a chat question last week saying the only route to VY retaking the starting job was the unlikely combination of two ingredients -- unpredictably poor play by Collins and unexpectedly good play by Young during camp. It would appear we accurately gauged things on that one.

One other interesting quarterback-related point from Fisher: Asked about a third signal-caller, he said the team would certainly have one in camp, but didn't sound as if he thinks it could be a draft pick.

"I would expect a veteran," he said.

Tennessee may still be trying to sign Patrick Ramsey.

More to come from Fisher's breakfast chat in the next few days.