A look inside numbers for CJ, VY

Monday always means a great chance to digest some quality information from ESPN Stats & Info.

Chris Johnson and the Titans offensive line had been inconsistent in the first four weeks of the season, and struggled rushing to the right side.

However, against the Cowboys on Sunday, right tackle David Stewart and right guard Jake Scott paved the way for more than half of Johnson’s 131 rushing yards, his second-highest total of the season.

The Titans were likely inclined to head that way as Fernando Velasco was filling in for the injured Leroy Harris at left guard.

Johnson benefited from some more threatening downfield work from Vince Young, who made strides throwing between the numbers.

While his completion percentage was down, 8-for-17, Young did take some shots further downfield between the numbers. Young completed 4 of 9 passes traveling 10 or more yards in the air for 105 yards and a touchdown. His passer rating between the numbers was 92.3, nearly 22 points better than in the Titans’ first four games.

Also of note:

  • Tony Romo threw his three touchdown passes and his interception at the end of the game from the shotgun. He also posted a 124.1 passer rating when not under center. But five of the Titans’ six sacks came on shotgun plays.

  • Romo had two picks, no touchdowns and a 22.9 passer rating against the Titans base defense and three touchdowns, one pick and a 127.5 passer rating against nickel or dime personnel.