Where they stand: Key team rankings

A look at how the AFC South stands in key statistical categories ahead of Monday night’s final game of Week 5:

The Houston Texans simply can’t get where they want to be with the league’s worst passing defense and giving up giving up more points than all but three teams. Did they make a mistake going so young in the secondary? Did the Conner Barwin injury kill the possibility of a second consistent pass rush? Right now it’s looking like the answer is "yes" to both questions.

The Indianapolis Colts were actually 31st in third-down defense in 2009, so they’ve improved there. The passing offense was second in a Super Bowl season, so that’s a big drop to 14th without the same degree of gain in the rush game (32nd last season, 28th now).

All of the Jacksonville Jaguars big moves this offseason were keyed on improving the pass rush and we’ve seen some results -- they have 11 sacks now after 14 all of last season. But it hasn’t stopped teams from amassing passing yards. The Jaguars finished 27th in that department last year and currently sit 29th.

The Tennessee Titans are giving up too many passing yards, but they don’t get too upset about that if they are get off the field on third down (where they rank fourth) and limit points (where they are 10th). For all the complaints about the offense, the Titans have scored more points than everyone but the Patriots, Chargers, Colts and Jets.