How much is Manning seeing extra DBs?

Of the five games played this season with the most defenses using five or more defensive backs, the Colts have been in four of them. Teams are loading up in the secondary to try to slow Peyton Manning.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, the average offensive team records 19.8 touches (rushes plus receptions) against five or more defensive backs per game.

Indy is averaging a staggering 42.3

The Lions had 49 touches against nickel defenses in Week 4 at Green Bay and lost.

The Colts had 47 such touches Sunday in Washington and Week 1 at Houston, and 46 in their wins at Denver and against Kansas City.

Three wins in the four games suggest the defensive plan isn't working. Still, it seemed to maximize the chances for teams like Kansas City and Washington.

The Redskins gave themselves a chance, but dropped three potential interceptions Sunday night in the Colts’ win.

More from Stats & Info:

Manning struggled when throwing left of the hash marks, completing only 7 of 15 attempts for 62 yards. Yet this is where he decided to throw three passes on a crucial drive that started with 2:42 remaining in the game.

The Redskins defended all three passes, forcing a punt. Manning might have wanted to try either between the hash marks or to the right of them, as he enjoyed a great day passing to those areas of the field.

The target on the majority of Manning’s passes to the left is Reggie Wayne, who’s usually drawing the most attention and the best cornerback.