Why won't Caldwell say just a bit more?

It’s a game, I understand that. Coaching news conferences all are. Certainly one coming off a bye weekend isn’t going to produce a lot.

But when Jim Caldwell is asked about Adam Schefter’s Sunday report that Anthony Gonzalez has tweaked an injured ankle, why can’t he offer something better than “I’m not aware of that, so I could not comment on it.”

You’re not aware of the report? Or of the tweak?

Shouldn’t you, as an NFL head coach, be aware of all of it?

Especially considering that Gonzalez himself was able to respond to the report pretty thoroughly?

“I have no idea what that is,” Gonzalez said in this John Oehser report. “No tweaking. Nothing. I have no idea where it came from.”

And later: “I feel good about the progress we've made. I am optimistic. I'd be surprised if I didn't play [Monday night].”

I know the Colts operate under a shroud of secrecy, and that is their prerogative. But at some point, the part where they play the media for fools gets a little old.

A good question at a Caldwel presser that doesn't touch on health or game strategy can produce a thoughtful reply.

But in instances when reporters are looking for actually information, Caldwell is up there mostly politely filling time with plesant answers that provide none. We know the Colts know we know it. Everyone goes through the exercise because they have to.

And apparently, for reasons I can’t figure out, the coach of the Colts is somehow best off saying he’s unaware of the tweak or of the report.

Someone please explain to me what damage would be done if he said “There was no tweak." Or “Anthony is making good progress.” Or "We’re hopeful he will be in position to play, and considering our injuries it sure would be nice to have him.”

How any of those more honest and hardly earth-shattering answers might have blown up any of the Colts' plans is simply beyond my understanding.

Caldwell is a good guy and, I believe, a pretty good coach. It disappoints me that he chooses to go the route he does in situations like this. Or that his boss chooses that direction for him.