AFC South Week 7 decisive moment

Poised to boost their lead to 23-7 or at least 19-7 with just under six minutes left in the third quarter Sunday, the Eagles had a first-and-goal from the Tennessee 3-yard line.

But Tennessee right defensive tackle Jason Jones knifed through center Mike McGlynn and right guard Max Jean-Gilles barely touched and got to quarterback Kevin Kolb, disrupting his attempt to hand off to LeSean McCoy.

Cornerback Alterraun Verner pounced on the loose ball to gain possession, continuing the Titans' excellent red zone defense. Tennessee drove 74 yards to a field goal that cut the lead to 16-10 and the flow of the game changed.

Tennessee went on to win 37-19, a score that looked like a rout.

As much as Chris Johnson and Vince Young, Jones and Verner are the kind of players who are making the Titans work and work very well right now.