Manning on Jaworski: 'Zero reaction'

If you give Peyton Manning time in the pocket, he will hurt you.

If you give him time before facing an obvious question, he can zing you.

He did a nice job of that Thursday when the Indianapolis media asked him about recent comments from ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski, who said he thought Manning hasn’t been real sharp in recent games and that his age might be starting to catch up to him.

“I really have zero reaction,” Manning said, per John Oehser.

Manning was asked if he might have fun at Jaworski’s expense in production meetings before ESPN’s broadcast of the Texans-Colts game on "Monday Night Football."

“Probably no more than I don't usually have,” Manning said, smiling. “I think I know what you're referring to, only because someone's told me. To have fun with him would mean that what he said actually has an effect. It'd be giving him too much credit.”

Said Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell, "I certainly heard of it – what was said. I disagree with it, but I think Peyton for the most part has been a guy who has been in the limelight a long time. People say a lot of different things. He handles them in a very professional manner.”

Manning is not above criticism, and he’s certainly entitled to return serve to any of it. He’s a high-road guy and could have said a lot more. Maybe it means something more to him privately than it does publicly.

It would be fun to witness that production meeting and get a better idea of it, don’t you think?