The Texans starters you'd like replaced

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Recently I asked you what Texans starter you would like to see replaced.

There wasn't a strong consensus and not really any surprises. I expect the Texans' draft will address some of these spots -- defensive tackle, safety and maybe return man.

Here are the best of your responses, with my commentary weaved in:

Tom in Southampton, England: The player i would want to be replaced on the Texans roster: Punt returner Jacoby Jones. Special teams is all or nothing. With Jones though it is heart in your mouth stuff! I do give him credit as he does have sublime ability but just lacks concentration. The Texans need to cut turnovers and one way of doing that is by finding someone else to do PR duties who can catch the ball, hold on to the ball and make something positive happen. I'd rather a fair catch every punt then a muffed one or fumbled one as often as Jones did. I didn't say the usual Travis Johnson etc because i feel the front office is going that way, they are making upgrades and as bad as it is in terms of DT production last year Travis was probably the best--not that he had much competition! I would just like to be able to watch a Texans game without having to say "here we go again; another turnover"! By cutting this out then we are one step closer as we all no what we can do with the ball in our possession. Limiting oppositions offensive time will significantly help our organization.

murraymck: not exactly a "starter" but Jacoby Jones needs to not play anymore

Paul Kuharsky: I think Jones is on the hot seat in terms of ball security and decision-making. I've written a lot about how Matt Schaub needs to cut the turnovers. Jones tied for second on the team with four fumbles last year, and that doesn't include muffs. I can see them having alternatives ready.

Justin from parts unknown: I would say travis johnson, chris myers, eugene wilson. chris myers just doesnt seem to have the strength to hold up at the point and i would love to have a young ball hawking FS.

CPTDDD: i think it would be great if we could get a strong safety over Ferguson, Harrison, or Barber (lord knows who will actually get the start) so maybe someone we could get to go into cover or come up and actually get a tackle.

Justin in Troy: What Texans starter would you like replaced? Easy. Dominique Barber. We are going into a season that HAS to be "the season" we make the playoffs. I don't hate Dominique Barber, but if we are going to make big strides on defense and make the playoffs, how are we going to do it with a 6th rounder that still has MUCH to learn? Reeves wasn't as bad as people thought last year, and I don't see Travis Johnson making it out of training camp as a starter. I hope to hell Dominique Barber has what Kubiak sees in him, but I won't hold my breath.

Paul Kuharsky: I agree with you on safety. It's too bad that first-round guy isn't there this year, or he could be the target at 15. They at least need another alternative.

Mo Kateeb: Travis Johnson. He has been a bust, they need to stop thinking he will anyting else

Mad Mike in Houston: Paul: This is very easy and it is Travis Johnson. He is immature and has not lived up to his draft status, although Casserly overvalued him. But, John McCain did a good story about Reeves and compared him to other DB's in the league who are looked at being much better players, but gave up more touchdowns, first downs and in many cases on less thrown balls against, than Reeves. Does this mean I like Reeves, nnoooooo, as he does not turn on time very often and does not catch the ball well either, but he is not toasted as much as many believe.... Thanks for asking for our input....MM

UTfan666: Travis Johnson, without a doubt. Dude is worthless.

mjmoats: Travis Johnson hands down. If your nose tackle's best attribute is his pursuit ability, you've got problems. He can't stand up to a double-team and constantly overruns plays. He hasn't gotten any better (or stronger) since he got here. Some people think the new staff and style will help him, but he's just a guy.

Paul Kuharsky: Johnson didn't stand out to me at all in games I was at. Clearly a spot they could and should upgrade, but let's see what a new position coach and coordinator can do with him. Here's a good defense of him:

Gryften: Travis Johnson gets a bad reputation because DC Richard Smith was asking him to be a NT, when he should really be playing as an penetrating Under Tackle. On top of that, he was doing what the coaches wanted him to do. If we want to get better on Defense, we need to develop Frank Okam, or get some other true NT.

As to which player I'd like to see replaced, I want a new Center. I think Chris Meyer did a good job considering we only paid a 6th rounder for him. He's quick and agile, but he just doesn't have the strength to push NT's (especially 3-4 NT's). This was the biggest reason why our red zone performance did not match our offensive performance on the rest of the field.

Eazy in Houston: Def Reeves needs to be replaced. I would like us to draft maybe in a later round to address this. I also think its time to get another big name linebacker