AFC South High Energy Player of the Week

A look at a player who gave his team a significant boost in Week 8.

Sure, we hit on Mike Hart in this piece off the Colts' 30-17 win over Houston.

But he gets a second moment here for his fine work as Joseph Addai's primary fill-in. While Houston's Arian Foster averaged 6.8 yards a carry, Hart was even better with a 7.0 average on his 12 runs. He might have gotten over 100 yards had an ankle injury not knocked him out of the game and he also had three catches for 19 yards.

Going into the game without Addai, one big concern was how Hart and Donald Brown would handle the running back pass-protection duties.

Hart said they fared reasonably well in that department.

“I think we did pretty well. I know for a fact I made one mistake,” he said. “Peyton [Manning] threw hot, I'm definitely going to get yelled at for that [Tuesday]. Besides that, Javarris [James] did a great job. Donald did a great job. I picked up the other blitzes beside one -- three maybe. The only one that matters is the one I missed.”

While he may take heat for that, he'll also get a pat on the back for a fine fill-in effort. An MRI on the ankle will help determine if he'll need to be filled in for next.