The NFL passer rating leader: Vince Young

No one will act faster on this than I will.

Raise your hand if you expected Vince Young to have a better passing rating through Week 8 of the NFL season than Peyton Manning. Keep it raised if you expected Young to lead the NFL.

Mine’s not up, and I phrased it that way so I would not be typing one-handed.

Vince Young has a league-best passer rating of 103.1, ahead of No. 2 Peyton Manning (101.4). The passer rating formula uses attempts, completions, yards, interceptions and touchdowns. A rating of 100 is good. Young came into the season with a career rating of 72.3.

He’s played in seven games (sitting out one hurt) and thrown for 998 yards, 1,186 yards fewer than Manning in the same amount of starts.

The up-and-down David Garrard is fourth in the NFL with a 98.8 rating while Matt Schaub is 12th among QBs that have played regularly at 89.3.

Young played well in the Titans’ loss at San Diego, but didn’t finish after reinjuring his ankle.

The Titans have a bye this week, and Young is expected to be ready to return to action for Week 10 at Miami.

"There would probably be some things that we would install, maybe expand the creativity of our offense this week," Jeff Fisher said. "But we can still do that without him working on it this week."

A few other passer rating notes:

Garrard (112.1) is No. 1 in the fourth quarter but has built some of that against prevent defenses protecting big leads. Manning is second (111.0), Kerry Collins is third (99.2) and Schaub (96.2) seventh. Young doesn’t qualify for the leader list because of too few attempts – he’s missed three fourth quarters plus one full game.

Young is fourth with a 99.5 third-down passer rating, where Manning is seventh at 94.9, Garrard is ninth at 93.1 and Schaub is 13th at 90.9.