Three to watch from the Big 12

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

As the draft approaches, I'm trying to mine some information from my colleagues over at ESPN.com's College Blog Network. We hit Chris Low on the SEC Thursday, and now we turn to Big 12 ace Tim Griffin.

I asked Griffin for three players unlikely to be drafted in the first three rounds that he expects will become high-quality players in the NFL.

Here are his selections and thoughts:

Texas A&M QB Stephen McGee: Hurt most of his senior season, but has tested well for several teams. Ran a 4.66 40 in Indy to rank as second-fastest QB at the combine. But his most intriguing quality may be his competitiveness -- he led his team to back-to-back victories over Texas earlier in his career. (NFLDraftScout.com rates McGee as a fourth- or fifth-rounder.)

Oklahoma WR Juaquin Iglesias: Barely recruited coming out of high school, choosing a scholarship offer from OU over UTEP. But he blossomed once he got to school and developed into one of the leading receivers in school history. He's tested well and shown a nice upside. And he likely will be able to make a roster as a special-teams player with a lot of kick return skills that will keep him around until a shot at receiver materializes. (NFLDraftScout.com rates Iglesias a second- or third-rounder.)

Nebraska LB Cody Glenn: Converted I-back who played linebacker only his final season at Nebraska and missed his final three games after a suspension. Still showed a knack for physical play (6-feet, 235 pounds) and will likely be undervalued going into the draft. Still might be a player who can contribute on special teams until his opportunity to play at linebacker rolls around. (NFLDraftScout.com doesn't have Glenn rated as draft-worthy.)

Our thanks to Tim for helping us out.