Insight into two Ole Miss first-round prospects

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
ESPN The Magazine senior writer Bruce Feldman has special insight into two specific prospects of interest to the AFC South.

While he researched his book, "Meat Market: Inside the Smash-Mouth World of College Football Recruiting," he became intimately familiar with the Ole Miss football program. Defensive tackle Peria Jerry and offensive tackle Michael Oher are rated as first-round picks.

Defensive tackle is a big need for Houston at No.15 and Indianapolis at No. 27, while Jacksonville, which drafts eighth but could be looking to trade back, needs a tackle.

Feldman was kind enough to share his forecast for each player as a pro.

"Peria Jerry was the best D-lineman in the SEC last year," Feldman said. "He was virtually unblockable and he also was the emotional leader of that team. He isn't huge, but he is very explosive and had played hurt for most of his career at Ole Miss till last year when his career took off. Lots of times the only way teams could contain him were with double teams or by cutting him.

"I'm more skeptical of Oher's prospects. He's had a ton of hype but he never was a dominant run blocker and has really struggled with his focus. People were talking about him saying things like he'd run in the low 4.9s and how he was some weight room warrior. That wasn't him. Prior to shedding weight before the combine, his 40 time at Ole Miss was 5.4 and he couldn't bench much more weight than their 170-pound return man Marshay Green. For most of his career whenever Ole Miss needed a few yards on third-and-short, they rarely ran to his side.

"He did improve last season, but I still don't expect him to be the player he's been touted to become."

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