Sunday Mailbag: Your questions addressed

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Jason from Parts unknownwrites: The Colts cut a player named Ed Johnson last year. He got into legal troubles, but it appeared he was well liked by the coaches and players. My question is: Where is this guy and why isn't anyone picking him up?

Paul Kuharsky: The Colts told him one incident and he was done. And he had one incident and, to their credit, they stayed true to their word.

Why isn't anyone picking him up? Do you want your team to rely on a guy who couldn't stick to rules spelled out for him by the team that really liked him? Also, you don't see many homegrown DTs from Indy landing elsewhere and playing much because everyone else is generally looking for bigger interior linemen than the Colts use. They are unique in how they value quickness above all else.

Indianapolis suffered last year when Quinn Pitcock retired before camp and Johnson got himself cut.

Jason from Chicago writes: Paul you are known to hate VY this should be good for you to read. I acknoledge he cant read coverages or throw intermediate but he just wins... Of course you can compare Cutler to Young, they are both quarterbacks who were taken in the first round in 2006. Both were pro-bowl quarterbacks, both started in their first year in the league. One got his coach fired the other got his coach a new contract. One is abused for quitting during a game the other is praised for refusing to talk to his coach or the owner. One dealt with his benching by going to work to get his job back. The other dealt with the attempted trade by pouting like a little girl until the owner said to hell with this, get him outta here. You want more. One we have been told got into the face of his defensive team-mate when he thought he was unnecessarily rough on a receiver in practice. The other we have been told verbally abused his receiver during a game for dropping a pass. Vince Young is a leader, Cutler isn't. That is why Cutler has never won anything since high-school and Vince has never had a losing season in his life period.

Paul Kuharsky: I don't hate Vince Young. I'm allowed to judge him, however, on his body of work independent of Jay Cutler, and I have far more first-hand information on Young.

I've said that Young, Cutler and Matt Leinart have all come across as guys who seem to feel entitled rather than guys hungry to earn it. I think it's somewhat representative of their generation.

That's great that Young is a leader and I know you and a lot of his fans are super excited about it.

But his coach and his coordinator benched him, so that leadership must have been judged by two pretty good coaches to not be sufficient enough to outweigh his abilities as a quarterback. And when they did bench him, his teammates rallied to an incredible degree around his replacement and were relieved by the change in leadership. There is no such thing as an NFL QB who won with leadership even though his arm was not great, his touch was poor, he didn't read defenses well and he couldn't respond well to adversity or hardships.

Jordan from Austin, TX writes: Hey Paul, I guess I'm just thick but I just no longer see the reasoning behind people believing that the Texans are for sure drafting an OLB with their first rounder, I believe they signed Cato June(29 years old too)who to my knowledge was very good in a 4-3 cover 2 scheme and now he's signed with the Texans whom run some sort of 4-3. Seems to me like they should take Peria Jerry or maybe even Vontae Davis (eek)/Malcolm Jenkins if he falls.

Paul Kuharsky: I don't know that we could say for sure the Texans were taking a linebacker before or since the recent additions of June and Buster Davis. But those guys are hardly huge upgrades, and they can do better if they so choose. The other guys you mention are intriguing. I'd sure rather have Jerry than risk him slipping to the Colts at 27 -- I think he'll go before then -- and have to face him twice a year.

Steven Matheny writes: My name is Steven Matheny and I am the Titans Superfan for the Football Today podcast on ESPN Radio. I have heard you on the podcast and have read your blog for a long time now. I thought that I could email you on a subject that has been slightly overlooked this offseason. With the new NFLPA head what will this do the possibility of no salary cap in the NFL? As a giant Titans fan this scares me because the Titans would not spend anywhere near the amount of money as Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder. I am afraid that this league will turn into the MLB. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

Paul Kuharsky: It won't be as bad as it sounds. There are several mechanisms to offset the lack of a cap -- players need more service time (six years rather than four) to get to unrestricted free agency, teams get an additional franchise tag, the best teams are limited in what they can add in free agency.

I don't think it will turn the NFL upside down if it gets to an uncapped year. A few guys with very fortunate timing will make a load of money, but it won't be enough to alter the general parity.

Joshua Sloan in Noblesville writes: I just saw that the Colts resigned Hagler today. Do you think that will change there draft needs? You had mentioned that in your AFC South work left to do column. Seeing that there not as thin at linebacker as they were, any chance that they bring back Freddy Keiaho.

Paul Kuharsky: No idea about Keiaho at this time, sorry.

They still need to add there, but they are not as desperate as they were and I don't expect they will use one of their premium picks.

Earl from Seattle writes: First off, Paul, love the blog. It's daily reading here even if I'm not a fan of any of the teams in the division. As for your question about three first-round QBs on the roster at the same time, not sure if it was the last time, but the 1980 Raiders had three first-round QBs on their roster: Dan Pastorini (Oilers, 1971), Jim Plunkett (,1971), Marc Wilson (Raiders, 1980)

Paul Kuharsky: Thanks, Earl. He's responding to this blog entry about three first-round quarterbacks on a team simultaneously.