Rapid Reaction: Eagles 26, Colts 24

Thoughts on the Eagles’ 26-24 win against the Colts at Lincoln Financial Field.

What it means: The Colts had a chance to match the best record in the AFC at 6-2. But injuries and a tough opponent on the road prevented it and they fell to 5-3, even with idle Tennessee atop the AFC South.

What I didn’t like: The Colts still had a chance with 18 second left, and we’ve seen Peyton Manning position them for a game-winning field goal in such circumstances an awful lot. This time the possession ended in an interception by Asante Samuel, his second of Manning on the day. Manning picked himself up and brushed himself off more often than usual, and forced to throw quickly so often he found long plays of 33 and 22 yards on a day when one big one might have lined things up to go the other way. The defense, meanwhile, allowed Philadelphia runs of 62 and 32 yards and pass plays of 58 and 34.

What I liked: The find-a-way 14-play, 85-yard, 4:07 drive, where the Colts got a touchdown to close it to 26-24 with 1:50 remaining and the decision to kickoff after that rather than trying an onside kick. Also, Indianapolis’ defense deep in its own territory, which forced the Eagles to send David Akers on for field goals four times. The Eagles could have been up 21-0 in the first quarter, which would have effectively ended this game.

Injury concern: Austin Collie suffered a concussion that appeared to leave him motionless for a good while on a hit I’m not sure was sorted out correctly by the officiating crew, who called it an incomplete pass and saw unnecessary roughness on a defenseless receiver.

What’s next: The Colts host Cincinnati in a regional rivalry that looked a lot more appealing when the schedule came out than it looks now.