With price reduced, time for Titans to chase Boldin

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
If the Arizona Cardinals have indeed reduced the cost of Anquan Boldin to a second-round pick and other considerations, it's time for the Titans to pick up the phone again and be more aggressive.

Jim Wyatt wrote this morning that the Titans "have been in contact" with the Cardinals. But Wyatt intimated that the cost -- in trade compensation and salary, where Boldin is reportedly seeking $10 million a year -- is what's keeping the Titans at bay.

I suspect the Titans don't rate Boldin as highly as many do, that they view the physical 6-foot-4, 212-pound Justin Gage as a poor man's version of the 6-1, 217 Boldin.

But even if Boldin isn't the sort of blazer the Titans would prefer, always covet and never seem to find, they are fooling themselves if they don't see Boldin as a better playmaker than anyone they have on their roster with a role as a downfield pass-catcher.

I've defended the Titans against accusations of being cheap.

But here's a chance for them to show in a very big way that they are not. This is a good team and with an additional threat like Boldin, it would really be making an effort to get through its current window and win a Super Bowl.

It's a push guys like Kerry Collins, Kevin Mawae and Keith Bulluck deserve for their team to make.

Still, I expect Boldin will land elsewhere.

Thursday I asked Mike Reinfeldt if there comes a time that a generally prudent and conservative franchise needs to change course and make one big move in an attempt to break through.

His answer showed that the Titans generally judge such a change in approach as a panic move:

"I would hope that usually you would not operate in a desperation mode or a panic mode, that you had to have this one player. I think consistency is the key, and I guess I hope we would always operate that way. I think in the long run that's the safest way to do it, the best way to do it."

Sal Paolantonio reports on Arizona's asking price for Boldin.