Brown over Wells akin to Edge over Williams?

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Just watched ESPN's highlights of running back Donald Brown after the Colts made him their pick at No. 27, and more than one person in the room joined me at remarking on the same thing: Look at that stride.

When Brown gets into some open field, he's got a smooth, graceful and, quite frankly, very pretty rhythm to his running.

Joseph Addai was not very good last year, but he was banged up and running behind a banged up line. I did not think we would get a true assessment of his status until this draft. And my initial thinking is that while the Colts certainly can use Brown, his selection indicts Addai.

Friday, Polian was asked if the disappearance of veteran back Dominic Rhodes would have a bearing on his thinking at the position. Indications were the Colts liked the idea that Rhodes was still out there and could still be had, but Buffalo signed him last week.

"We have people on this squad that can contribute and play," Polian said. "I don't think it forces us to take a running back at all."

What I am sure Polian will say did force them to take a running back are the traits Brown will bring to an offense that needs to be better at getting a tough yard in a crucial spot.

Will people question the choice of Brown over Chris Wells? Polian gets the benfit of the doubt based on Edgerrin James over Ricky Williams in 1999.