Did Jaguars overpay in trade for pick for Cox?

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Did the Jacksonville Jaguars just get fleeced?

Jumping to conclusions on draft day is dangerous. All I can do here is spell out the questions.

After they took Temple defensive tackle Terrance Knighton with the 72nd pick, they traded up to get No. 73 as well.

And they paid a big price for the spot. Mike Reiss reports New England, masterful at stockpiling picks, got No. 252 in the seventh round and a second-rounder next year from the Jaguars. Not a typo. A second rounder.

Jacksonville then spent that pick on Derek Cox, a defensive back from William & Mary.

  • His line in NFL.com's draft tracker was missing information because the league initially didn't have anything handy.

  • Scouts. Inc. listed over 50 defensive backs and Cox was not one of them.

  • NFLDraftScout.com ranked him the 48th cornerback and didn't give him a draftable grade.

  • Mel Kiper has him 106th among cornerbacks.

The Jaguars are not obligated to care about any of that, and clearly they like what they have seen of Cox -- who has size at 6-1 and speed (a 4.47 40 time.)

But even if Cox turns out to be a Hall of Famer, the Jaguars system should not only place their value on a guy, but factor in how the rest of the league views a player.

Would he have been gone had they waited for their fourth rounder at No. 107? Their fifth at No. 144?

We won't find out. But they paid what seems a huge price to get No. 73 for Cox, a third-rounder who's going to get second-round scrutiny based on what the Jaguars used to get him.