In Jets, Texans can see route back from 4-5

As the Houston Texans consider the hole they’ve dug themselves at 4-5, they’ll be able to look across New Meadowlands Stadium Sunday and see hope.

The New York Jets weren’t just 4-5 last year before making a run to the AFC Championship Game, they were 4-6.

On a Wednesday conference call, Houston media asked Rex Ryan about the key to rebounding from a less than great first nine games.

“I’ll tell the key after the game,” he said. “I’m just kidding. I just think that you do what you believe in. With us, there was no question that we believed in the direction that our team was heading. We stayed the course and it worked out in the end.”

“…I think with us, it was just the belief that we had in each other. That’s it. That’s what you do in the offseason. That’s what you create, that kind of environment and you surround yourself around those kind of people. We are fortunate that we have an organization that recognizes it is committed to winning. It has a belief and we believe in our system. So it doesn’t even come up, regardless of what people say or whatever. They weren’t the ones playing games or coaching or anything else. We knew we had a good football team. We just had to go out and prove it.”

The Texans have believed that about themselves, at least with what they’ve said, for the better part of the last four years.

Maybe they make a remarkable turnaround. But they don’t have the easy finishing schedule down the stretch the Jets had last year, including games against two teams with sealed up playing positioning who didn’t care if they lost.

And they don’t have Rex Ryan.

And they definitely don’t have Darrelle Revis.