Video: Savoring Manning versus Brady

Sunday we’ll see Tom Brady against Peyton Manning for the 12th time(including the playoffs). I urge you to savor it while considering how previously rare matchups among top quarterbacks have been.

Keith Hawkins from ESPN Stats and Info provided this list:

  • Ken Stabler versus Terry Bradshaw: 10 matchups

  • Troy Aikman versus Brett Favre: 7

  • Aikman versus Steve Young: 7

  • Joe Montana versus John Elway: 6

  • Young versus Favre: 5

  • Roger Staubach versus Terry Bradshaw: 4

  • Dan Marino versus John Elway: 3

  • Marino versus Montana: 3

  • Favre versus Elway: 2

  • Aikman versus Montana: 1

I know all these guys didn’t have the career overlap that Brady and Manning have had. But Joe Montana and John Elway were in the league together for 12 years and Montana and Dan Marino also shared a dozen years and Montana played only nine games against Elway and Marino combined.