Boo to changes to body types in video game

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Just came across this story on new looks for players on the Madden video game for Nintendo's Wii.

Take a look at the pictures and consider the position-by-position descriptions of body types.


Quarterback - his wide shoulders and small waist emphasize the "heroic leader" look.

Maybe this is a stretch, but I was automatically struck by the picture of Madden's Peyton Manning under those guidelines. With wide shoulders and a small waist, he doesn't look like the Peyton Manning I know.

Yes, it's a video game and this amounts to a caricature.

But we live in a day and age when unrealistic body types have been broken down and assessed. I don't know if they wound up changing Barbie's proportions, but I remember it was discussed and if they weren't altered, they should have been.

I'm no video gamer, but I know things like Madden have gotten life-like to an almost hard-to-believe degree.

So why take a turn toward cartoonish now?

Enough kids play enough Madden that I think it will get into their heads that if they want to be the next Peyton Manning, they need to look like that.

And since no animator or weight room is going to make them look like that, aren't these people helping steer these wanna-be quarterbacks to methods none of us want in the picture?