The sacks that ended Jaguars' chances

The Jaguars were down 4 points and had the ball at their own 27-yard line with all three of their timeouts Sunday at New Meadowlands Stadium against the Giants. They moved to the Giants’ 29-yard line before things fell apart.

“The end of the game we’re sitting there first and ten on their 29-yard line, all three time outs, just under two minutes and in perfect position to take that game back, really take it back, and just didn’t get it done,” Jack Del Rio told Jacksonville media Monday. “We certainly had many opportunities. There wasn’t any one play or one person that was the difference. I think it was simply a matter of not executing and taking advantage of some of those opportunities we had.”

Here is a closer look at back-to-back-to-back sacks of David Garrard that ended any chance for the Jaguars:

  • First-and-10 NYG 29 -- Left guard Vince Manuwai gets a good block on Chris Canty. Left tackle Guy Whimper goes left to get Osi Umenyiora and tight end Zach Miller stays outside, whiffing on a chip. Safety Antrel Rolle cuts inside the space between Whimper and Manuwai, chasing Garrard to his right where Justin Tuck sheds Jordan Black and gets in on half the sack. Result: Loss of 11 yards and a Jacksonville timeout.

  • Second-and-21 NYG 40 -- Garrard takes a deep drop and as the pocket starts to close he steps up. Whimper steers Jason Pierre-Paul past him, but Pierre-Paul managed to slap at Garrard’s left elbow, prompting a fumble. Garrard recovers. Result: A 4-yard sack for Dave Tollefson and a Jacksonville timeout.

  • Third-and-25 NYG 44 – Black turns his head to the left at the snap and doesn’t recover, whiffing on two blitzing defensive backs. Rolle goes outside him and is picked up by Maurice Jones-Drew, but Terrell Thomas goes inside Black and gathers some speed as he decks the quarterback from his right, forcing a fumble Rolle recovers. Result: A 12-yard sack, a lost fumble and, effectively, the end of the game. An injured left wrist for Garrard.

Said Garrard: “I just think we felt like we were going to be able to do fine with the pass game. We felt like they were playing a lot of single-high and they were bringing some blitzes. They brought a couple of blitzes that we hadn’t seen before. Really it was just up to us executing and picking our guys out, me getting the ball out of my hands. We didn’t do that and it showed.”