AFC South Week 12 decisive moment

The Jaguars looked to be in good shape with a 20-17 lead over the Giants at New Meadowlands Stadium and 7:20 left in the game. They took possession at their own 26-yard line.

David Garrard hit Mike Thomas with a quick screen, he scooted 23 yards to the 49 and the Jaguars were on the move. But an offensive pass interference call against Kassim Osgood undid the play.

Osgood was in the slot on the same side as Thomas and initiated contact with defensive back Antrel Rolle, who was on him in press coverage. Officials ruled Osgood was blocking Rolle before Thomas caught the pass.

Jack Del Rio objected.

"I need clarification because either I misunderstand the rule or the official did, but one of us was wrong," Del Rio said, per Vito Stellino. "Maybe it's me. I'm going to go back and check the rulebook, but the guy was pressed, we were engaged at the line, he maintained his block. In our opinion, that should not have been a call."

But in re-watching the play, I think the officials got it right. Getting off the jam and blocking are not the same thing. Osgood failed to differentiate the two and it looked like he blocked from the start to me.

If Osgood could have delivered a shove to get off the jam and bought a second before turning into a blocker, the play may have still unfolded in the same way.

Instead, the Jaguars faced a first-and-20 from their 16, quickly stalled and punted the ball back to New York. The Giants then drove for what proved to be the game-winning touchdown.