Pollard: Texans should have Kubiak's back

Two AFC South coaches likely began the season with insecure job futures.

Two likely fit that description now.

The two lists don’t match.

Gary Kubiak was on the first, despite an extension, and is on the second because the best the Texans can hope for is to match last year’s 9-7 record. That would take a four-game winning streak.

Jack Del Rio was on the first list, but isn’t on the list now. If his team keeps going as it is, he’ll be safe.

Jeff Fisher started the season safe, but now it appears Bud Adams could want him out or he could want out.

Texans safety Bernard Pollard has a message for players on teams that have coaches in the hot seat: The grass isn’t always greener.

Here's what he told John McClain:

"I'm not saying they're gone. I don't know what's going on. But (new coaches) would bring in their players. If you're on the bubble, you're gone. If they have to question your effort, you're gone. If they don't like you, or if they didn't draft you, you're gone.

"I don't think some of the guys understand that. You're dealing with a lot of young guys and a lot of guys who have only been in this situation. They only know Kube. They only know these coaches. You bring in somebody else, they're going to shake this thing up.

"It's an ongoing thing. You're in the huddle and you want to see guys fired, guys who play with passion. You don't want to be that team, where everybody says, 'Let's get things started up against them,' but right now, we're that team."

Pollard knows this because he was a second-round draft pick by Kansas City in 2006 when the team was run by president Carl Peterson and coach Herm Edwards. When that regime was replaced by Scott Pioli and Todd Haley, it wasn’t long before Pollard was expendable.

If you play on a team where the coach might change, the smartest thing you can do is play your behind off for that coach. If he sticks or if he doesn't, you've got effort on tape.