Jaguars are three-and-out minimalists

If you punt it away and hope to get it right back, you don't want to be playing the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I don't suspect there is a giant correlation between getting at least one first down on almost every possession and winning, but there are not a lot of bad teams at the top of this list.

And the fact the Jaguars have a league-low nine three-and-outs on offense this season means that Jack Del Rio's defense has been able to catch a breather pretty regularly. The next best teams have 14 more three-and-outs than Jacksonville.

It's a point of pride for Maurice Jones-Drew for sure.

“We’re just sustaining drives," Jones-Drew said. "It’s nothing flashy, but we just kind of work our way down the field, slowly, but surely. When we get an opportunity to strike we strike. It’s a good thing. I think our defense loves it because they sit on the sideline and drink, rest and get ready to come back out. So does our special teams because they get the same opportunity. We just want to continue to be balanced and do everything we can to win games.”

The Colts and Texans are tied for second with New Orleans with 23 three-and-outs on offense. Tennessee has 35.

Here's a complete run down, courtesy of Elias through ESPN Stats and Info: