Stats & Info: Notes on Jaguars' big win

When you run as well as the Jaguars did Sunday in their win over Oakland, you give yourself great potential in the play action passing game.

Through Jacksonville’s first 12 games, David Garrard averaged 6.3 yards an attempt, posted an 81.8 passer rating and threw three touchdowns and two interceptions on play-action, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Against the Raiders, he hit on three of four play-action throws for an average of 15.3 yards per attempts, a 156.3 passer rating, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

A few other notes from the fine Stats folks:

  • Rashad Jennings’ key 74-yard touchdown run in the third quarter took advantage of a smaller Raiders presence up front. It was the only time the Jaguars ran against a Raiders’ six-man box and the only rush against a defense utilizing five or more defensive backs all game. Jennings, became the sixth player in the past 50 years to average at least 20 yards per rush in a single game (minimum five carries). He finished with 109 yards on five carries.

  • Entering Sunday’s matchup with Oakland, the Jaguars had run the ball out of sets with multiple backs 274 times, which led the NFL. Against the Raiders, they rushed out of two-back sets 26 out of their 34 attempts for 134 yards.

  • The Jaguars run defense against Darren McFadden didn’t work like one would expect. He actually fared better against fronts stacked up to stop him than he did against fronts with fewer defenders.