Finnegan covers himself in small-school shirts

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Cortland Finnegan may be a reigning Pro Bowler, but he'll always be a champion of the little guys.

The Samford alum has been building a collection of T-shirts honoring the lesser-known schools where his fellow Titans played their college ball.

His most recent shipment arrived at the team's complex this week and he hammed it up posing for me with a Tiffin University shirt in honor of receiver Nate Washington. He said he'd give one to Washington to make sure he remembered where he came from, and would wear the other two Tiffin shirts himself.

"I was looking online at all the small-school guys and I decided to order every shirt I could possibly find from a smaller-school guy," Finnegan said. "I've got Tiffin University, Nate Washington. I've got Josh Stamer, South Dakota. Michael Roos, Eastern Washington. Kenny Amato, Montana State. Tuff Harris, Montana. William Hayes, Winston-Salem State. Jacob Ford, Central Arkansas. Fordham and Washburn for Cary Williams.

"They'll be worn in my regular rotation and I am going to pull some stuff out of the closet for these guys," Finnegan said.