Scaife: Titans might be divided on VY

Given a choice between sticking with your boss for three more weeks or siding with a quarterback on IR whose status with the team has plummeted, I’d think the first option would be the prudent answer for anyone.

I talked to Bo Scaife about a week ago, and he basically said he thought so, too. The gist of that conversation: Vince Young is my good friend, I’m sorry to see this happening, but it has no bearing on my livelihood and my relationship with Jeff Fisher. He’s the boss, I’m the worker and we move forward while I remain loyal to my pal.

He said something different to Jim Wyatt Wednesday.

"I know his teammates definitely want him here. The more I think about that, I guess the locker room might be divided up. But I know all the guys on my side [offense], we all love VY."

"... I think Jeff has probably given that impression to him [that he’s not welcome]. That is between him and Coach Fish, and no one knows what is going on between them two. But if people knew the real story they might understand the situation a little better."

"… He is supposed to be the franchise quarterback, and he already feels like he didn't have the support of the staff. So I am sure his feelings might have been hurt a little bit [over being asked to leave the Monday after his incident with Fisher]. But I am sure he knows why he hasn't been here and Coach does, too."

If Scaife’s going to suggest we don’t know the real story, then he should go ahead and share it. And if Young’s feelings are hurt, it’s a great chance for him to show the toughness many of us question. Show up. Knock on Fisher’s door. Initiate something instead of waiting for the phone to ring or a hand to hold.

As far as a locker room divided -- with three games left, anyone siding with Young in a way that impacts their relationship with Fisher just isn’t thinking things out and being very smart.

I’m not suggesting Scaife is doing that. I appreciate his candor.

But he's a franchised tight end who’s made a ton of money the past two years and is likely preparing for his last three games as a Titan. The Titans will still call plays for him, and any dent in his relationship with Fisher probably won’t matter much.

Kenny Britt getting himself fined $5,000 for wearing a towel saluting Young is a bit different. He's a cornerstone guy going forward. I'm glad he "spoke" his mind. But I'm not sure how well thought out it was.