Trying to follow Bob McNair's logic

I don’t follow Bob McNair’s logic here. Follow this to audio of his talk with the press from ESPN 97.5 The Ticket in Houston followed his chat with the team Thursday. Here's a link to the team web site's report.

Because the Texans had a great comeback and his NFL ownership peers were impressed by it, we should gloss over the result and concentrate on the fact the Texans came oh-so-close against the Ravens?

Sure the other owners were impressed. The Texans provided an entertaining game and the teams they own don’t have to worry about losing to McNair's underachieving, unable-to-finish Texans anytime soon.

McNair took that feedback as affirmation the Texans are on the right track.

How long has the team been affirming people it is on the right track? When can Houston fans expect the team to actually be on the right track and follow it to the playoffs?

I’m not calling for coach Gary Kubiak to be fired. But I am calling for McNair to stop talking like this.