Chat wrap: Table, hammer, Bob and bald

The seas were rough during Thursday afternoon’s chat. I held on and didn’t fall out of the chat boat, but not for lack of your efforts to throw me with some of your questions.

In the end, I really enjoyed a visit from a table, a hammer and Bob the Builder.

Table (In the kitchen): Last week Peyton Manning bumped his head against me when he reached down to pet his dog. Today I got a letter in the mail saying I owe $5,000 for illegal contact to the head. I don't have that kind of money. All I was doing was keeping his plate of food off the floor.

Paul Kuharsky: You are in a tough spot. But I do not believe in taking up collections to offset such things. My advice: Offer them a leg and then look for work as a tripod?

Hammer ((in the shed)): Last week I hit David Garrard in the head and nothing was called and I have no fine to pay. I feel bad for the table.

Paul Kuharsky: That's nice of you. You guys are pretty funny with this stuff.

Bob the Builder (Cartoon Land): Paul, I'll take care of the table and the hammer.

Paul Kuharsky: Thank you.

Also inside our 150th chat, I reveal that I am not actually bald and wear my hair like I do by choice.