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Houston Texans

This Richard Justice column is the best piece on Bob McNair that I can remember. I really hope he reads it. Several times. And I think fans of his team deserve to hear a response to it. I know he’s not going to speak to it specifically, but he should speak to the theme and attempt to actually connect with the mindset of his fans. You don’t want to overreact to fan sentiment, but when it’s built up like it has you do them a disservice by not touching it.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have gone through six safeties and could be down two more, says Phil Richards. On the bright side, free safety Antoine Bethea remains in place and third-string strong safety Aaron Francisco is still playing. I won’t be surprised to see Bethea on the injury report this week as he was shaken up late against the Jaguars. I asked him about it and he said it was nothing.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Gene Frenette didn’t like Jack Del Rio’s fourth-down decision early in the third quarter. I’ve got a standard stance on such situations: If you make it, I love it; if you don’t, not so much. It did seem like a desperate move. But the fact is, if David Garrard snuck as he should have (he didn’t hear that part of the call on a patchy headset), he would have converted and if Maurice Jones-Drew didn’t fumble the pitch he would have made it too. But they didn’t, so it was a mistake.

Tennessee Titans

I don’t believe Bo Scaife was benched because he said the locker room might be divided on Vince Young. Scaife stated a fact and Jeff Fisher’s not going to sit a guy who gives him a better chance to win. We may have seen the last of Scaife as a Titan. And Fisher actually sitting veterans (Vincent Fuller was scratched, too) is a big development that’s not bad. That said, I know they play different positions, but Scaife should dress ahead of Randy Moss.