Insight into Jaguars' Rashad Jennings

When I spoke with Dirk Koetter a couple weeks, we touched on Rashad Jennings working as a change-up to Maurice Jones-Drew.

Today, with Jones-Drew out because of a knee injury, Jennings will start. Here’s what his offensive coordinator said about him recently:

“Rashad really came on and played well at the end of last season, too. This year he went through that period where he had a beat-up shoulder. We didn’t get him very many opportunities early in the year and then he missed three or four weeks with that shoulder. But Rashad is playing like we thought he would and we thought he could.

“He is a nice combination of power and speed. He understands protections so he’s not a liability [in the pass game]. Maurice is a great third-down back and a great short-yardage back, you hate to ever take him off the field. Well, Rashad has followed in those footsteps. He can be your third-down back. He can rest Maurice on a run down. He knows his pickups. He’s got great hands. He’s a great route runner. He can run with power and he can run with speed.

“We believe you feed your stud. When Maurice gets rolling it’s hard to take him out. But Coach [Jack] Del Rio has been constantly on me and Earnest Byner, our running backs coach: ‘We’ve got to keep working Rashad, we’ve got to get Rashad in there, we’ve got to get Rashad in there.’ I tell Rashad this all the time -- last year I was scared when Maurice had to come out, because I wasn’t sure that Rashad knew everything.

“But now, in his second year he’s a good student of the game. When he goes into the game, we’re comfortable with any of our calls, we’re not holding anything back.”