Edwards should throw to mid-range middle

The Texans have the league’s worst pass defense, so they don’t cover many passes well. But ESPN Stats and Info says they really don’t cover the middle well.

Houston opponents have thrown nine more touchdowns than interceptions on passes more than 10 yards to the middle of the field this season.

The rest of the NFL has 18 more interceptions than touchdowns.

It’s good news for Trent Edwards, who in his work with Buffalo and Jacksonville this season is five-for-eight with 99 yards and a touchdown on such throws this season.

On throws of 11 yards or more this season, the NFL has allowed an average completion percentage of 52.2, with 11.2 yards per attempt and 4.6 touchdowns.

The Texans have allowed completion percentage of 60.0, 15.4 yards per attempt, and 11 touchdowns.