Is Fisher NFL's fourth-best coach?

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky Fisher
RealScouts, Sporting News Today's team of former NFL scouts, ranked NFL head coaches in today's edition, and I just heard Colin Cowherd talking about them.

There is a small but vocal anti-Jeff Fisher contingent among Titans fans, who won't like seeing him fourth here -- one slot ahead of Mike Tomlin who's already won a Super Bowl. But TSN praises the organizational stability that has come with Fisher's lengthy tenure, which I agree is huge.

Here's the whole division:

4) Fisher
17) Jack Del Rio
22) Gary Kubiak
28) Jim Caldwell

One aside on the write-up of Fisher: We covered this back when we went over myths connected to the Titans, but it remains a major pet peeve. The Titans weren't within a yard of winning Super Bowl XXXIV. They were within a yard of tying it.