RTC: MJD wonders about Jags' tickets

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Houston Texans

They kept Gary Kubiak but fired four defensive coaches, says John McClain.

Bold is not in the Texans' playbook, says Richard Justice.

Texans defenders react to the firings, from McClain.

Arian Foster sees an encore in store, says Jordan Godwin.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are rolling as the playoffs arrive, says Mike Chappell.

Battles on the line of scrimmage will be crucial Saturday, says Richards.

Bob Kravitz thinks the Jets will end the Colts’ season. (Video.)

The Jets are fading, says Nate Dunlevy.

A playoff ticket may be easier to get that you think, says Phillip B. Wilson.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jack Del Rio had big support from the Jaguars’ players, says Tania Ganguli.

Wayne Weaver worked as a spin doctor for Del Rio, says Gene Frenette.

Maurice Jones-Drew called out Jaguars fans on ticket sales, says Ganguli. While the team wasn’t blacked out all season, it wasn’t sold out either. He doesn’t understand why it’s so complicated.

What’s left for Del Rio? To lead, says Vic Ketchman.

Tennessee Titans

Jeff Fisher’s in a spot he’s never been in before as he awaits Bud Adams’ decision, says Jim Wyatt.

A run through of the Titans’ issues beyond Fisher’s job security, from John Glennon.

Chris Johnson said being banged up was part of the reason he didn’t meet expectations, says Wyatt.

Vince Young wasn’t around for the wrap-up meeting or a physical, says Wyatt.

David Thornton’s hip was an issue all the way through the season, says Glennon.

A transcript of Fisher’s news conference, courtesy of Glennon.