Moon: Young is 'really hard to get to'

Hall of Famer Warren Moon doesn’t know if Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young has any NFL quarterbacks in his sphere of influence, and Moon thinks that has contributed to the problems the Young has had.

From John Glennon’s blog:

“I’ve tried to reach out to him since he’s been with the Titans, and we’ve had some dialogue a little bit, but he’s a guy that’s really hard to get to because he’s insulated by so many other people around him, whether it’s family members, advisors, people like that. That’s not something I’m going to try to break through to.

“If he’s open to having a dialogue or a relationship, I’m more than open about doing it as well. But I’m not going to go over and beyond if that’s not something he’s receptive to. I’ll leave that up to him, but he knows I’m there all the time. I’ve made that known.”

If you work in a business where very few people have done what you do and one of them reached out to you, would you make somebody seeking you out have to complete an obstacle course to get to you?

Moon also mention’s Young’s relationship with Steve McNair. Prior to McNair's death, his influence with Young had waned.

Young’s supporters constantly make it out like people are out to get him and that it’s a media-led charge.

Here is Moon, a Hall of Famer who feels pretty good about Young and would obviously have a lot to offer him, indicating Young is “insulated” and difficult to reach. And here is former teammate Kevin Mawae saying Young doesn’t qualify as a good pro.

Tell me again: How is it all the media's fault?