Andre Johnson out of the Pro Bowl

Tim Graham of the AFC East Blog and Buffalo chapter of the Jar Jar Binks Fan Club reports that Wes Welker is into the Pro Bowl as a replacement for Andre Johnson.

It’s hardly a surprise that Johnson won’t head to Hawaii. He played through an ankle injury for the majority of the season before missing the Texans’ final three games.

He still finished sixth in the NFL with 1,216 receiving yards.

Johnson’s continued presence, quite frankly, did a good bit of work in saving Gary Kubiak’s job. Bob McNair likes the offense so much, he couldn’t bear to take away the guy who constructed it and called its plays.

With Matt Schaub throwing to Johnson, and perhaps to an upgraded No. 2 receiver, and with Arian Foster carrying the ball and contributing to the passing game, the Texans should be a potent offense next year, particularly if they can figure out how not to start so slowly.

The Texans will still have Foster and Vonta Leach representing them in Hawaii.