Considering Vince Young landing spots

The Titans can’t cut Vince Young until Feb. 7, when waivers start for next season. They can’t trade him until the first day of the new league year in March -- and that’s likely to get pushed way back by a lockout.

He has little to no value now as the Titans have said they are finished with him and no one would want to inherit the big numbers for the final year of his contract.

Where could he wind up?

I surveyed my blog network brethren to produce this list.

Arizona -- Certainly quarterback needy as they continue to try to recover from a Kurt Warner hangover.

Buffalo -- They like Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he’s not a franchise guy and if they think Young could be, they might be interested.

Carolina -- If Andrew Luck comes out, he’s the Panthers' guy. If he doesn’t, who knows what a new regime will do?

Denver -- Tim Tebow is the future, but with Kyle Orton likely to be traded, the Broncos could look for a backup.

Houston -- Could take a crack on trying to retool Young, a Houston native, as a backup behind Matt Schaub.

Kansas City -- Doesn’t look like a fit to me, but the Chiefs can use a backup.

Miami -- Chad Henne hasn’t taken off the way they’d hoped, so they are definitely in the quarterback market.

Minnesota -- Looking for multiple quarterbacks, but the Vikings need a coordinator first.

Oakland -- Al Davis certainly might like him and the Raiders hardly have a surefire guy to prevent them from looking.

San Francisco -- Once a new coach is in place, a new quarterback will become priority one.

Seattle -- Will certainly be looking even with Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst.

Washington -- There’s an opening, but it’s hard to imagine Mike Shanahan taking a guy his buddy Jeff Fisher had an ugly ending with.