Reviewing Vince Young's reaction

Vince Young’s comments to Jim Wyatt are of great interest. Before now, Young had spoken just once to one person since he cursed out Jeff Fisher and walked out of the postgame locker room after the Titans' loss to Washington Nov. 21.

The highlights with my thoughts.

Young on trust: “I just wish Coach Fisher would have trusted me a little bit more. That was the only issue there.

“I like Jeff Fisher as a person, as a coach and everything. I just didn’t feel like he trusted me. In the five years I was there … I feel like he was continuing to treat me like I was a young man when I’d really grown up a whole lot. I just didn’t feel like I had the trust and the love that any other quarterback around the league had. I was always looking over my shoulder. I didn’t feel like I was his guy the whole way.’’

Kuharsky on Young: Apparently he’s not familiar with the concept of earning trust. If your boss doesn’t trust you, the normal reaction is to work exceptionally hard to earn that trust. I saw this unfold up close. That’s not how Young reacted, and clearly he didn’t think he needed to do more.

Young on the locker room incident in November: “People say that’s immature, but that’s just me. I didn’t want to say something more than I didn’t need to say so I got up out of there. Yeah, I could have handled it better. I left and ever since I just needed to pray and be to myself. That’s why I’ve just sat back and ever since I’ve let everyone have their say about everything, but I know the truth…’’

“Everything was my fault. I just didn’t feel like I was his guy all the way. I put in a lot of work, and my stats and my winning, it showed how much I had grown. I was always studying and working hard, but I never felt like he had the trust in me like I had in him.’’

Kuharsky on Young: “But that’s just me?” Really? That’s what he’s going with? That doesn’t show me a lot of thought or consideration, and you need to do more – way more – in discussing those events, taking ownership of them and apologizing and resolving them. If he took the blame for some of what was his fault, maybe he would have been blamed a bit less. “My bad” wasn’t a big part of his vocabulary as a Titan.

Young on commitment (not from the story, but tweeted by Wyatt who is @jwyattsports):

“I will continue to keep working. Wherever I go I will be committed like I am committed to everything.’’

Kuharsky on Young: That’ll get them lining up for your services. Promise more of the same. Don’t say a fresh start will require a new attitude, nobody would respect that. Or, if by "everything" you mean "my new Austin steakhouse" -- then OK.