How Dwight Freeney gets his sacks

As Marty Callinan of ESPN Stats & Information did research for the Sports Science crew, he looked very closely at each of the 25 sacks Dwight Freeney’s been part of 2009 and 2010.

The average time between the snap and contact with the quarterback on sacks by Freeney is 2.5 seconds. That average is 2.6 seconds on spins moves -- 2.1 seconds if you remove one sack that took 5.8 seconds when the QB rolled towards the sideline opposite Freeney.

Here’s the breakdown of the moves that have produced Freeney’s big plays:

  • Outside rush, 9

  • Spin move, 7

  • Bull rush, 5

  • Stunt, 2

  • Clear path, 2*

*Freeney was unblocked on two sacks against the Jets in Week 16 of 2009

We saw some interesting thinking earlier this week that Freeney could get some chances against young guard Matt Slauson. Computing in what order the blazing Freeney will use those moves is a lot for any blocker to handle.