Does Bill Polian need to change course?

Hat tip to Stampede Blue for pointing out this piece by Anthony Schoettle in which he argues for an organizational course change by the Colts.

Team president Bill Polian is stubborn. It’s worked to his advantage in a lot of ways. But some changes could benefit the franchise. Polian's record as a talent evaluator is largely set, even as some big recent decisions have been bad ones.

As Schoettle points out, Polian's willingness to alter his approach a bit -- or his failure to do so -- could still have a bearing on how history regards him.

"There’s no longer enough time to merely build the Colts’ roster through the draft. Yes, they’ll get better just by getting healthy, but they still need a receiver and running back with breakaway speed now—not someone that will take two or three years to learn how to play football at the pro level. An offensive lineman who can blow somebody off the line of scrimmage would be nice, and the defense and special teams could also use a short-term boost here and there."

"If Polian refuses to change his course, and the Colts fail to win another Super Bowl while they have the services of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, I think NFL historians will revise their appraisal on Polian’s abilities as a team executive."

Here are highlights from Polian's radio show, in which he hits on a bunch of issues.

I ask Colts' fans: After reading this stuff and considering where the team stands, what changes in approach do you want to see from the franchise?