Jim Caldwell gets strong review from Irsay

Colts president Bill Polian has said he feels like Jim Caldwell had a coach-of-the-year season, holding together an injury-riddled team to win 10 games and the AFC South.

My mailbag, Facebook conversations and Twitter say fans are furious with Caldwell’s playoff performance, particularly his questionable timeout. Luis DeLoureiro thinks Peyton Manning deserves better.

I think it's overreacting to call for Caldwell’s head.

They are not going to get it and they should not be surprised by that. The team prides itself on consistency, and it wouldn't be Polian's style at all to fire a coach he helped pick to chase a star like Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden.

If you find Caldwell too robotic, too level, too emotionless, so be it. His clock management and some of his decisions on punting or going for it were not perfect this season. But his bottom line is wins, and he got those in extremely tough circumstances.

Shouldn’t he get some credit for having Aaron Francisco play effectively as the fourth option at free safety or for the development of Jacob Tamme and Blair White?

He’s got the support of Polian and owner Jim Irsay.

Here is Irsay, per Mike Chappell:

"Jim did an outstanding job, and the things we need to do better we're going to be working on internally..."

"People express their opinion, which is great. But if you're not around this thing 24/7, if you're not involved in the deep, internal conversations, the perspective is hard to get.

"As the owner, I'm the one who has to decide who measured up under tough circumstances, who did their job. Our guys did."

If you’re a Colts fan looking for a coaching change, it’s time for a reality check. Come to terms with the fact Caldwell is your guy.