RTC: How Williams can succeed in the 3-4

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Houston Texans

How Mario Williams can line up in the 3-4 and be effective, from N.D. Kalu. (Video)

If Rick Dennison leaves, would Gary Kubiak turn to Gregg Knapp? Alan Burge considers.

Considering potential free-agent cornerbacks with Battle Red Blog.

Indianapolis Colts

Injuries took a big toll on the Colts' special teams, says Rick Gosselin.

Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil sees Indianapolis in a regular Super Bowl rotation, says Anthony Schoettle.

Gene Frenette doesn’t want any free passes for Peyton Manning. Pieces like this ensure Manning isn’t getting one. He could have done more against the Jets, but I can point to several things that rank well ahead of Manning to explain the loss, starting here.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars' special-teams coverage was among the league’s best, says Ryan Robinson of Jaguars.com.

This draft may determine the franchise’s real stability, says Jonathan Loesche.

Tennessee Titans

A good share of former Titans are still playing, says John Glennon.