Smart stuff: Your best of the week

The smartest things I saw this week from you in post comments, on Twitter, on Facebook and in my mailbag.

In response to my post on Colts coach Jim Caldwell getting a good review from owner Jim Irsay, kdwilson3 wrote: "...I don't get this need to place blame everywhere else when there is a simple, plausible and rational explanation for why the team played to a less than exceptional level this year. Injuries....it really is that simple."

PK says: Certainly the injuries were ridiculous. But once they showed they could endure and still win, then the playoff game outcome is a big disappointment.

In response to a post about defensive coordinator Wade Phillips saying a transition to a 3-4 won’t take too long for the Texans, was385 wrote: “Sure, the Texans now have numerous needs but really no more than they had before changing. Williams is 6'6" and 300 lbs, people quickly forget how much success Bruce Smith had under Phillips in Buffalo. Antonio Smith has experience at 3-4 DE and they need a NT to round out the bunch (which they needed anyways in the 4-3). Connor Barwin came out with most people projecting him to be a 3-4 rush LB, demecco and sharpton fit in the middle, and cushing works as the other OLB. The team definitely needs LB depth and a lot of secondary help but they needed that before Phillips was hired."

PK says: All true. It’s a matter of what they add and how quickly the holdovers and the new guys adapt to Phillips’ scheme.

Reacting to this post asking if Bill Polian needs to change course, malex45 wrote: “As a colts fan since the 60's I find it amusing how people become armchair gm's and coaches and know how to fix the colts. I suffered through the Bob Irsay era where the colts couldn't win a game. Polian is the 1st guy I've seen run this team that does it correctly and restocks it little by little so you don't have "rebuilding years" like other teams. Sure I would like to see the colts win more superbowls but where we have come from I will take being a continual winner over what this team was in the past.”

TCUMWC thought Jerry Hughes’ failure on Antonio Cromartie’s critical kickoff return needed more context:“In Hughes defense he is a DE, a big guy, not made for kickoff coverage. Hughes is made for tackling QBs and RBs. Some kids start right out and get the speed and strength of the NFL game. Some other players take some time and then *click* they get it and then they are unstoppable, just like Drew Brees. If Colt fans want to boo their #1 pick and run him out, then that is their choice. You want to back up your players and watch them develop to great players then that is your choice too. You learn through failures, success sometimes emerges through failures.”

PK says: That’s great, and I’m generally a proponent of patience. But the Colts aren’t putting Hughes in that spot if they don’t believe he’s capable of making a tackle. And in the 17th game of a first-round pick’s first season, he needs to make at least a special-teams contribution.

Out of a discussion about Arian Foster’s search for sentimental, affordable gifts for his offensive line, randrewcp said: “I've got a nice sentimental idea for a gift from Bob McNair for Foster. A fat contract with nice incentives.”

PK says: Foster deserves it. But first we need a labor agreement and second we need the Texans to worry about their free agents.

And one thing I didn’t think was so smart:

On Facebook, Tayler Super offered this: "Tell Tim Graham. Rex Ryan still hasnt beat 'The Colts'! To many starters out this whole season 4 us to win."

PK says: Yes, those were the Colts. I saw horseshoes on their helmets. Try handling a loss with a bit more grace.