Kenny Britt pledging to focus on craft

The Titans don’t know who their quarterback is, and may not for some time.

Scan Tennessee’s roster and it’s not hard to see the building-block guys. Going forward, the Titans would be wise to do all they can to allow Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt to shine.

Both carry questions now, though Johnson’s numbers tamp down concerns about him turning into a “me” guy. Britt’s been great when he’s been on the field, but injuries have slowed him and there are fair questions about his maturity.

If he got out of shape last year with a regular offseason, concerns over what will happen with him during a lockout are fair.

Jeff Fisher has said he wants a “drama free” offseason for Britt. Jim Wyatt wrote that Britt is saying the right things.

"My brother once told me 'the sky can't be the limit when a man walked on the moon.' I have big goals for myself. I want to be a great one. So I plan on focusing on my craft, and working. I'm nowhere close to being satisfied and I have a feeling no one else is either...

"I know now I have to work hard and prevent the injuries that happened to me this year because that ended up keeping me from having a better year. But I feel good about a lot of things that happened and I feel good about my ability to be a No. 1 receiver, to be a go-to guy.

"But I know I can do a whole lot more. I plan on working hard coming back better than ever.''

Britt can be a silly guy. He likes to laugh and have a good time, and that loose and carefree personality is part of his potential. Sometimes, however, he needs to be more serious.

It’s encouraging that he is saying the right things. If he follows through on them, the Titans will have a premier receiver to build around as well as a premier back.